This is our Story

One day, whilst underwater snorkelling in the gorgeous clear waters of the Indian Ocean in the northern Atolls of the Maldives, Simon turned to Danielle and held up underwater a beautiful, custom made, diamond ring.

After saying yes, Danielle's mind went straight to her dream wedding - somewhere on the beach in Dunsborough surrounded by close family and friends with the white hot sand and crystal blue waters of Geographe Bay.

She thought back to several of the beach weddings she had recently attended and one in particular where they had these fantastic hollowed out barrels, filled with ice and drinks and big white umbrellas to keep the wedding guests in the shade and refreshed while waiting for the always late bride.

Once back home Danielle tracked down the owner of the barrels, and found they were for sale. Immediately she wanted to buy them for her wedding but she also wanted to share them with everyone else.

This would also be a great way for her teenage stepson to earn some money side by side with his dad helping out with the setting up and packing down of the barrels.

So, that's what she did, they did !

Along with Simon, Baxter, Amy and of course Lewis the Kelpie, Barrels and Brellas was born! 


Danielle Beckwith & Family

Danielle Beckwith